Trisquel celta de vigo




Trisquel celta de vigo

Celtic symbol

The triskelion, triskelion or triskele (of rotational symmetry) is an (artistic) motif consisting of three spirals joined together, three bent human legs or three lines extended or bent from the center of the symbol.
At the site of Numancia (Soria) was found the so-called “cup of the hoopoe” that simulates a magical flight, with three wings, to link the world of mortals with the divinity through the birds, making this symbol a representative icon of Celtic culture. This pottery is preserved in the Numantine Museum of Soria.[3].


The Celtic trisquel or trinacria is a geometric and curvilinear symbol formed by a three-armed cross in a spiral that meets at a central point forming a helix shape. Although there are many variants, such as the well-known three-legged trisquel of the Isle of Man, this is the one that is most frequently repeated. Its meaning is not quite clear, although it is related to solar worship, the end and the eternal evolution.
This important symbol is a kind of three-pointed star, usually curved, which gives the symbol a fluidity of movement. It can also be defined as a set of three concentric spirals. It is one of the most present elements in Celtic art, and its origin is attributed to the Mesolithic and Neolithic peoples. The trisquel is an ancient Indo-European symbol. It was also used by the Germanic and Greek peoples.


Trisquel celta de vigo del momento

For some years now Celta de Vigo have been wearing on the back of their jersey, under the shirt, a triskele, a symbol of the culture from which the Galician team takes its name. The triscule is fully assumed in Galicia as a cultural symbol of its own, without religious connotations and the policies, if any, are not those that in northern Europe appropriate Celtic symbolism to defend messages of racial supremacism. Celta, in fact, carries the trisquel as an element of that culture with whose name it was baptized at its birth in 1923 by founders who wanted a team fully rooted in the country. Hence, for example, not only the name of the new club, but also the colors chosen: those of the Galician flag, light blue and white.
The portal ‘moiceleste’ revealed that UEFA vetoes that the triskelet appears on Celta’s kit in European competitions.The Celtic players jumped to Balaídos with a white color covering the triskelet in the European match against Panathinaikos. In the previous European match, against Liége, there wasn’t this problem because Celta played with the third kit, which doesn’t have this symbol. In Balaídos, against the Greeks, they played with the first shirt at home, the light blue one, where it does appear. That’s why they had to cover it up. Fanfics de Harry Potter en Español


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Trisquel celta de vigo

The triskelion, triskelion or triskele (of rotational symmetry) is an (artistic) motif consisting of three spirals joined together, three bent human legs or th





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